3D stochastic modeling of Yucca Flat, NV

Alexandre Boucher, Geoffrey Phelps (USGS)

Building geostatistical 3D subsurface models by integrating surface
geological map patterns and vertical borehole data for environmental risk assessment.


Simulation of surface geologyStochastic numerical models are widely used to evaluate the performance and the uncertainty of spatial natural phenomena. The texture and the connectivity generated in these models are critical drivers impacting the decision-making and assess the environmental risks. This research looks at using 2Dpatterns-rich and readily available geological maps as source of textures for the 3D models. The 2D map-derived patterns are combined with vertical transition probabilities or indicator variograms obtained from borehole data to generate a set of 3D numerical models of the subsurface. The algorithm is tested on the Yucca Flat, Nevada, a nuclear bomb test site. 

Surface Geology and Drilling

Location: 37°07′N 116°03′W / 37.117, -116.05

Contributor : Geoffrey Phelps, USGS